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Located on the South Shore of Boston, MA, Sheila began drafting business contracts as a student at Harvard University, and then went to New England Law | Boston, where she completed her JD (Juris Doctorate) with focus in Contract Law and Intellectual Property Law. 

She now has 8+ years experience as a contract and legal compliance manager inside top US corporations, drafting and negotiating contracts one-on-one with a broad range of corporate contracts, including Fortune 100 clients, and vendors of all sizes.  

She is also an ISO 27K Certified Lead Auditor, and is trained for certification as a Divorce Mediator, and has 10+ years experience in project management.


Every business relies on contracts to function.

A contract makes it safe for two companies to do business together, as it governs liability, protects your business both financially and legally, and assures fairness in your relationships with staff, clients, and vendors. 

Most of all, a contract records the "meeting of the minds" that took place before any work began. 

It is your contract that serves as both a benchmark for and proof of your mutual agreement on critical details, such as the exact work to be performed, the standards by which it will be accepted, and how and when you are to be paid -- and what happens if any of this goes wrong.   


The harsh reality is, the majority of companies will present you with a contract that is unfair to you. Often very unfair.

Every company has their own tolerance level for risk, in the pursuit of revenue, and most contracts involve some degree of compromise.  (The aim is to avoid painful compromise.) There are however certain terms with no room for compromise.  

Your negotiation process first begins with a careful review and as necessary redline of your contract.

Second, Sheila will call you, to explain any issues, ask any follow-up questions, and identify the right next steps for your business and revenue goals.

Then either Sheila, or you and Sheila, or you alone, will enter negotiations with the other party, with a negotiation style designed to build strong, lasting, and fair relationships for future business.


Sheila has been drafting a wide variety of business-to-business contracts for over 10 years.

The challenge and the elegance of contract writing is achieved in precision and efficiency, while using plain language that is understandable to all.

Drafting a great services agreement can take some time.  However, a clear, precise, custom-fit services agreement can be used again and again for years as your company continues to grow, saving you both time and money, again and again. 

For short, uncomplicated, low-ticket work, drafting a short agreement can be just the right fit to assure your protection and control your legal budget.  These agreements can also be reused as new uncomplicated contract needs arise.

Please note, as a Legal Contracts Manager and Negotiator, Sheila serves as a legal consultant and contract specialist for business-related matters.

Sheila does Not serve as, nor substitute for, your company's attorney, and does not provide "Legal Advice."
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